Zaida Rose

Zaida Rose


16 X 20 in. | 1 Color Screen Print

100lb French Cover

Open Edition | Proceeds go to: 826 NYC

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Bio: Art therapist and photographer that explores the world in her work as well as personal identity and building empathy. Crossing borders and exchanging stories is the focus of her work as an artist and as a therapist. 

Print: Everyone deserves the right to live with dignity and respect, regardless of the faith they follow and how they choose to dress. The simple act of wearing hijab results in constantly having to prove ones humanity and ones identity. The benefit of the doubt is stripped and replaced with stereotypes. It's time to bring down those walls and replace it with sisterhood and solidarity. Muslim women belong in every space, they are human, diverse and often very passionate.

Charity: 826 NYC aims to equip children with the power of storytelling and help them to create their own path regardless of life circumstances. Storytelling is a powerful and creative tool that can connect people globally and allows for true self-advocacy. Donate to 826 NYC