Kate Pane

Kate Pane


16 X 20 in. | 1 Color Screen Print

100lb French Cover

Open Edition | Proceeds go to: Artistic Noise

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Bio: Kate Pane is a visual artist, teaching artist, and studying art therapist.  Her practice explores the intersection between personal narrative, painting, clinical psychology, art education, and activism. She brought art as therapy to incarcerated youth, and is working on her thesis: an exploration of the effectiveness of textile manipulation, costume building and the therapeutic relationship to influence identity formation with adults who are mentally ill and chemically addicted.

Print: Treat all humans with kindness, patience, and consideration.  Everyone is equal.  

Charity:Artistic Noise exists to bring the freedom and power of artistic practice to young people who are incarcerated, on probation, or otherwise involved in the justice system. Through visual arts and entrepreneurship programs in Massachusetts and New York, our participants give voice to their experiences, build community through collaborative projects, and learn valuable life and job skills. Artistic Noise creates safe spaces where court-involved youth can be seen, heard and supported on their path to adulthood. We believe the practice of making art offers opportunities for young people and communities to transform.” Donate to Artistic Noise